Christ be our Light

St Joseph’s is a prayerful community grounded in the Catholic faith, in which Gospel values shape our lives and our work.

Our school is a loving, caring and happy place where all are welcomed and everyone is valued and respected.

We recognise our uniqueness in Christ and celebrate diversity and difference.

Through hard work and high expectations, we nurture and challenge each other to develop our gifts and talents.

We do our best, even when we find things difficult.

Created by staff, governors, children and parents – June 2013

Childrens’ Mission Statement

St Joseph’s is a Catholic primary school where the Gospel teachings help us to be like Jesus.

Our school is a place where we feel safe, can laugh, have fun and learn to be independent.

We celebrate our differences, always show respect to one another and recognise that God made each one of us special.

With Jesus in our hearts, we try to bring happiness into the lives of others; not only those in our school and parish family, but also our brothers and sisters throughout the world.

We share our gifts and talents to inspire others and try our hardest at all times, even when we find things difficult.

Created by children – June 2015