A Welcome Message from our Acting Head Teacher, Mrs Angela Birrell

I am delighted and proud to be the Acting Head Teacher at such a happy, vibrant school where our whole school community works extremely hard, and has high expectations of one another.  At St. Joseph’s you will find a welcoming and purposeful environment, with relationships built on mutual respect.

Our supportive pastoral systems help pupils to achieve above and beyond their expectations and develop a strong sense of character, to know what is right and just, and to be responsible for themselves, their peers and the world to which they belong.  St Joseph’s pupils develop skills for lifelong learning, and aspire to be the best they can be.  We support this through nurturing pupils’ spiritually, emotionally and academically – we encourage creativity, independent thinking and learning, and a love of learning through new experiences and opportunities. We are committed to the highest standards of teaching and learning, which we achieve through a combination of challenge, support, encouragement and praise, to ensure that all students fulfil their potential.

We are an oversubscribed, high achieving and forward thinking school which strives to bring out the best in all children.  As a member of the Bishop Hogarth Catholic Education Trust group of schools, we participate in development projects, we support Initial Teacher Training with the Carmel Teaching School and research and training projects with the Carmel Research School.  We aim to inspire all of our partners to work with us in an outstanding learning community.

Thank you for visiting our school website which provides a wealth of information about the school and our offer to pupils.

  • In the ‘Information’ section you will find guidance on our admissions procedures and our admissions policy.
  • In the Curriculum section you will find information about the exciting and purposeful curriculum we offer here at St Joseph’s Primary. We have worked hard to ensure that learning throughout the school is relevant, engaging and connected to prior learning; fully developing pupils’ knowledge and skills. We believe that experience should be at the heart of the curriculum and are proud that our children are excited by their learning throughout school.

We hope you enjoy exploring this website and finding out about our school.  If you would like a tour, please contact the office and arrange an appointment.  I am always happy to show visitors the work of our wonderful school.

Mrs Angela Birrell

Acting Head Teacher