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Support for Our Families

Well-Being Lead & Mental Health Champion

Mrs Laverick

Parenting is not always an easy job to do. At times, it can be a very rewarding experience but especially in these difficult times we can all can feel more overwhelmed than usual. Parents and families may require additional support financially, emotionally or physically. If you feel like you need some support or just a chat, please contact Mrs Laverick, who works with our families and parents to provide support and advice. You can call on 07483349449 for a chat or, if you prefer, you can email our confidential email address, wellbeing@stjosephsnorton.bhcet.org.uk.


Early Help

School can support families experiencing difficulties through a system called Early Help (see leaflet for further information), where professionals support children and their families through regular meetings. Speak to Mrs Laverick if your family could be supported in this way.


Family Hubs

Please find below some helpful information around support/activities currently being offered on the Redhill Family Hub during the lockdown period. The hub is being very creative with what it offers, and this is really a start of something new for us all.

If you have any further ideas of what you would like to see, then please get in touch with the Family Hub direct and let them know.

For the best way to keep update with what’s going on, please follow the hub on Facebook. Your continued support is much-appreciated.




Parenting Advice and Support from the Family Hubs

Sleep Advice: The Hub is currently offering very helpful advice and over the phone support regarding sleep. This is being offered to parents with children from the ages of 0 to 18 years old. The advice offers solutions and strategies to help parents struggling with children with poor sleep habits.

Relax Kids: A new mindfulness programme pilot for kids ‘Relax Kids’, is being introduced. This activity will take place via Zoom on an invitation basis only. Hopefully the pilot proves to be helpful allowing us to rolling out the programme to a wider audience.

Baby Massage: Also via Zoom, a new baby massage class is being piloted by invitation only. Again, your support of this activity will help us deliver this service across all four hubs.

Home Safety Advice: Our resident home safety advisor is taking calls around home safety to provide advice and support to parents.

Please follow Redhill Family Hub on Facebook for more information.


Online Parenting Programmes

Go to www.inourplace.co.uk and use the access code INFINITY to access the free courses below:
• Understanding your Child
• Understanding Pregnancy, Labour, Birth and Your Baby
• Understanding your baby
• Understanding the Teenagers Brain.



Training Opportunities

Looking for a change in career? Or a new challenge? Here are some free training opportunities that may be of interest.

Go to www.freecoursesonline.co.uk for free courses in mental health awareness, health & social care and digital skills.

Stockton Learning & Skills Service www.slss.ac.uk provide learning opportunities for the whole family including: employability, confidence building, cookery, health and fitness.

With over 170 free online courses www.reed.co.uk offers training including: personal development, food science, job search skills, caring for children and young people and nutrition & health.

The Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) is a charity dedicated to bringing high-quality, professional education into the heart of communities. With the support of nearly 2,000 volunteers, 2,000 tutors and over 5,200 members, they deliver friendly, accessible and enjoyable courses for adults from all walks of life, including:

First Aid for Parents and Children
Anxiety Management
Introduction to Cake Decorating Skills
Healthy Eating for Parents & Toddlers
The Positive Parent Guide
Make your money go further
Learning IT and Maths Skills Together – Family Learning

Understanding Behaviour that Challenges
Confidence Building
Baby & Toddler Play – support and bonding for parents
Family Safety (Online safety)

Go to www.wea.org.uk for more information.


Help Point – We know how difficult it can be at certain times in your life and sometimes all you need is that little bit of extra support or advice and guidance to get you back on track.  Therefore, this area of the directory has been developed to provide you with access to a range of information, advice, guidance and support from trusted sources, and services.

Contact the Families Information Service on Tel: 01642 527225 or email helppoint@stockton.gov.uk.

Food Banks

See below a list of local food banks with their opening times.

Food BanksFor referral criteria please find the Comprehensive Emergency Food Directory on: www.stockton-cab.co.uk/services/emergency-food-aid



The word well-being means the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. Here at St Joseph’s the well-being of both parents and children is very important to us. For more resources and advice for well-being and mental health for your child or yourself, please visit our Keeping Mentally Healthy page: stjosephsacademy.org.uk/contact/keeping-mentally-healthy


Wellbeing Challenge

CWMT have created a Wellbeing Challenge to help you with your wellbeing and mental health,. They have created some fun activities to help you stay mentally well. Please follow the link below to get a copy of your pack.

PRIMARY Wellbeing challenge pack 2020.pdfWellbeing Pack


More Useful Links:


Harbour works with families and individuals who are affected by abuse from a partner, former partner or other family member. If you or someone you know is being abused or being abusive to others then you can now speak to someone directly through the new live chat service.

Money Saving Expert
If you are facing financial challenges, please see Martin Lewis’ website for useful information and advice. It is updated regularly and in line with Government guidance.

Parent Info
It is important that you look after yourself and remember how important you are. Parent Info has lots of ideas for looking after yourself and your children.

On this website, you will find advice as well as contact details if you need to chat to someone about your well-being and mental health.

Safe Lives
Information about what you should do if you suspect an adult or child is in danger of domestic abuse.

Woman’s Aid
An online chat service providing support if something doesn’t feel right in your relationship.

Stockton Information Directory
A great site offering help and advice in lots of areas such as health, wellbeing, housing options, careers, money matters, staying safe and employment issues.