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Returning To School

Welcome Back to St. Joseph’s

As of Monday 8th March 2021 all of our children will return to school and we are all very excited to welcome them back. When you return, you will be in a class ‘bubble’. On this page you will find some information about returning to school.

Our Bubble Rules
We have created child friendly rules for our ‘bubbles’ to ensure that we can keep ourselves safe.

Bubble Groups

Please see details in the table below, which confirm individual group information for reopening on Monday 8th March 2021:

Why are the school start times and finishing times different for different children? Each class ‘Bubble’ may have a different drop off place/pick up time so as to limit the number of parents and carers who can come onto the site at one time. We have staggered times in order to allow parents and carers (and their children) to socially distance from other groups. Please ensure you strictly adhere to the times you are given as we have short intervals between one group and the next.

What if I need to speak to the class teacher or office? Parents and carers are encouraged to telephone the school with any queries. We will not have face to face meetings until further notice.

Are there any restrictions on who can drop off and collect children? Only 1 adult can drop off and collect children and this must preferably be a family member from the child’s household. Please ensure social distance recommendations are adhered to.

What hand washing and hygiene measures are in place? As always, children will have access to soap and water in their classrooms and they will be encouraged to hand wash regularly. They will also have access to hand sanitiser – this will only be used where hand washing cannot be accessed. Adults in the teaching spaces have access to cleaning spray. This will be used on tables and touch points like handles. School will be cleaned as normal at the end of each day and deep cleaned on a Friday.

How will staff encourage social distancing of children? Children will be expected to go straight to their allocated table on arrival into their teaching space. They will indicate to the adult, by raising their hand, should they need help. We understand social distancing may be more difficult for younger children. Younger children will be encouraged by their adult, to keep a distance between them and their peers.

Will staff adhere to social distancing? Yes, both with other adults and as best as is possible with the children.

What if my child needs First Aid? Each teaching group has a staff member who can administer First Aid. Each teaching group contains a First Aid kit. Every member of staff carries an emergency basic PPE kit with them at all times. PPE will be worn by staff who have to administer any First Aid. The PPE will be a plastic apron, gloves and a mask and visor if a child presents with symptoms.

What are the arrangements for children being able to go to the toilet? Each teaching group has a designated time to go to the toilet and children will be encouraged to go then. Where children need to go and it is not their allocated slot, an adult will check the toilet is free first. Posters remind children that only three people are allowed in the toilet area at one time. Some teaching spaces have access to toilets within the room, so a timetable is not needed here.

What happens at break time and lunchtime? Teaching groups are allocated an outside break time and a slot at lunchtime also. Children will eat their lunch in the dining hall in their Key Stage bubbles. The tables will be cleaned before and after lunch.

Can my child have a school lunch? School dinners will be available and the new menus are available to choose from on the school website. Children will eat in the school hall in their Bubbles.

Does my child have to wear uniform? Yes, full school uniform should be worn. On a timetabled PE day, pupils should wear their PE kit. If it is a colder day then pupils should wear their outdoor PE kit with their indoor kit underneath. Outdoor kit is available at Lollipops or alternatively is a plain navy blue jogging suit.

What do I need to send my child in with each day? Only lunch (if you are providing a packed lunch). School will provide a drink bottle.  Children DO NOT need: a school bag. School will provide children with what they need beyond this.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Support
At St. Joseph’s we have a small team of staff who will be on hand to provide any mental health support to any children who struggle with returning back to school.

Please see our dedicated Keeping Mentally Healthy page for more information and resources that may be useful to you and your family during these unprecedented times. If you need further support and advice please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or our wellbeing email address: wellbeing@stjosephsnorton.bhcet.org.uk